Nobel Prize for Health Care Bill

November 23rd, 2009 by Gid

Honorable Democratic Senators:

Thank you for your hard work on the current Health Care Reform bill.  Some of us are well aware of the vote in the senate and what it represents.  Unfortunately, many are unaware that suggestions of a Public Option to keep costs under control are grossly overstated, if not patently false.  What started out as a cost control has been so watered down to cater to the whims of the Blue-Dogs and Repugnicans that it can no longer accomplish anything but drive everyone straight to the waiting greedy arms of the private insurers and pharmaceutical companies.  If the Nobel Committee is still granting prizes for outstanding effort, though you may have accomplished nothing, and most of you didn’t really try that hard, you just might stand a chance at one.  If not, it may still gain you some good political exposure, which you may desperately need later.

But if you wish to actually help, you will do your best to give us what the vast majority of Americans want: A Public Option that is open to everyone who wishes it.  Without that simple stipulation, it is neither Public, nor an Option.  It will not provide an effective cost control, and will not ensure accountability of the private insurers.  If you wish to be proud of your accomplishments, if you wish to honor the memory of the late Ted Kennedy, you will take the opportunity afforded you in the debate process to restore this bill to what it ought to be for the benefit of the American people.

If this is not possible, and the bill must remain virtually powerless, then kill it.  Vote “no” when someone asks you if you want to disservice your constituency.  Vote “no” when someone asks you if you want to force millions of people to give billions of dollars to the great Synod of Extortion composed of corporate giants like Aetna, Humana and United Health Care (a misrepresentation at best, as it cares only for its own corporate health).  Vote “no” when someone asks you if you want to perpetuate the same slovenly system of minimal care and claim denials.

This, of course, will mean that you are voting to perpetuate a broken system: that you’re willing to bow down before the Repugnant Republican Right (including the masquerading Blue-Dogs); that you’re willing to admit that the Obama Administration is not only illegitimate, but incapable of carrying out matters of state in the best interests of its citizens; that you’re willing to admit that the Democrats have failed their constituency; that you’re willing to dismiss the life-long cause of Ted Kennedy as well as his memory; that you’re comfortable with allowing 45,000 people to die every year for lack of health care.

But could it be that you’ve met your goals?  When viewed from your perspective, this bill is a godsend, isn’t it?  It’s all right, because the majority of politicians are very comfortable with the system as it currently is, but now even more money will flow generously from the public to the greedy hands of private insurers and pharmaceutical companies, and thereby ensure the continued generosity of campaign contributions, and you can all pretend that everything is fine.  You can tell yourselves that policies like universal health care, while they may work for other places like Canada or France, are not a viable choice for the US.  You can tell everyone that a strong Public Option available to everyone would only raise costs for everyone, while minimizing care even further than it is now.  You can swear that this could not work, because the policy itself is deeply flawed – political concerns are completely irrelevant to the issue.  You’ll tell everyone that this bill is the best thing anyone could have hoped for, the best compromise that you could accomplish, and it’s just enough that some of your constituency will believe you.  It will be all right, because there are plenty of taxes to provide for your comfortable salaries, bonuses and stipends, and some of the best medical care in the country for the elite few on Capitol Hill.  There are enough rich people in the country who can afford decent health care for themselves, and they will be happy to continue to support you in your drive to maintain the status quo, so don’t give it a second thought.

While it’s true that the constituents vote, it’s the corporations that provide so much of that sweet frosting on top of the cake, after all.  Not only the Health [pretend to] Care industries, but the coal and oil industries are good providers.  The war companies’ contributions from those like Boeing, Lockheed, Xe, Halliburton/KBR are among the sweetest, since they get paid from the military coffers, which are funded by taxpayers, so the taxpayers are paying not only your salary, but your kick-backs as well.  Just spin the best arguments against cap and trade and for the continuation of the Iraq/Afghanistan war.  The earth is good for another century at least, every conservative loves a good war, and in a worst case scenario, you get out of politics and get a very well-paid position with one of your former contributors.

Go home, enjoy your Thanksgiving meal, spend time with your well-provided for family.  Sleep well at night, secure in the knowledge that none of your immediate relatives will ever need to work again.  You are one of the success stories that make this country great and perpetuate the American dream.  The rest of us will manage somehow, just as we always have.

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